Molly Thrush is the best Hearing Aid Specialist that we have EVER dealt with after years and years of trying different companies, brands and offices. Patience is her number ONE quality.
Joaquin J Aviles, on Google
Thankful for this place when I moved here 4 years ago. Been hearing my best with my new hearing aids. Helped my brother as well.
Jennifer Haag, on Google
Molly was quick and efficient and I was so happy to hear my prognosis! Very thorough testing—
Chelle Warren, on Google
We were immediately personably met and provided competent service by Leslie. She checked our ears, cleaned our hearing instruments, and scheduled a hearing test. We were completely satisfied. On our next visit, Molly addressed all our hearing needs with clarity and compassion. We continue to be well served by New Sound. August 24. Just had a follow-up visit with Molly. As usual, she provided clear, compassionate care, including resolving a Bluetooth issue.
Ian MacAlpine, on Google
I love this place. The people are very friendly and kind. They are knowledgeable about the products and the app that I use to control my hearing aids. If you need a hearing exam and evaluation for hearing assistance, I would highly recommend New Sound Hearing Centers.
Lynn Duderstadt, on Google

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