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Hearing Loss Services

We Provide First Class Hearing Care
Everything we do is designed around your need for individual care and attention.

We offer a full variety of hearing-related services, including:

  • Visual inspection of ear canals
  • Wax removal if necessary
  • Complete hearing examination, which includes:
    • Air conduction thresholds
    • Bone conduction thresholds
    • Speech discrimination testing in quiet
    • Speech in noise testing
    • Lifestyle assessment to help understand your hearing environment
    • Fitting of hearing instruments
    • Verification of hearing aid fittings
    • Comprehensive counseling to maximize the use of hearing instruments
    • Follow up maintenance as needed
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Customer Reviews

Posting by LDM, new client of NewSound in Austin as of July 2024… all staff were helpful, friendly, professional and thorough at my annual hearing test. Glad to know they offer free hearing test follow ups as well for ongoing tracking of hearing loss.

MH Moore, on Google

Hi Molly: Did you call my son Robert Romero in California about finance of my proposed Hearing aids?.

Robert Romero, on Google

I had a fantastic experience. Feeling vulnerable when i entered but all of the staff was so nice it put me right at ease.

Troy A. Henderson, on Google

Amy and Katherine are very nice people who took good care of me.

Jay Brim, on Google

The staff are always professional, personable and efficient

Jerry Hopkins, on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good, thank you for your attention and service. (Original) Muy bien gracias por su atención y servicio

Grace Hernandez, on Google

Sandra Firmani, on Google

Great audiologist

Katrina Jackson, on Google

Carole Reese, on Google

Jodi Glennon, on Google

What a professional and perky group! I felt very comfortable throughout the hearing testing process and felt very heard about my tinnitus. The noise cancelling and the ability to cancel the noise from tinnitus felt like nothing short of a miracle. Thank you team.

Anna Franklin, on Google

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